Electrolysis hair removal


Specifically, the beautician-electrologist uses a handpiece, connected to a high frequency electrical device, on which is placed the "filament", a sterile needle that will introduce the base of the hair. It is this filament that transmits to the hair bulb a low-voltage electrical discharge. This electrical impulse causes a natural chemical reaction called electrolysis: in short, the hair follicle releases caustic soda, which results in the permanent destruction of the hair.


It is effective and definitive. In addition, it is suitable for all types of skin (matte and black), works on all hairs (white and blond - excluded by pulsed light and laser), and can be performed on all areas of the body.


Generally, the first session does not exceed 15 minutes and is mainly used to test the skin with electrical hair removal.
NB: Electric hair removal can only be done in the anagen phase (hair growth phase), so it requires several passes. This is why the treatment of a zone can vary from six months to two years. Long-term work, but with guaranteed results.


We therefore advise you to request your free evaluation. A beautician will evaluate the area to be treated with electrolysis and your hair type. You will know exactly the duration of the sessions and the number needed.


Electric hair removal is one of the great classics of permanent hair removal techniques! Fastidious and long, before you embark on the adventure, we do with you point on the principles, advantages and disadvantages of this type of permanent hair removal!


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