Sugar hair removal


For that, you just have to make a small ball in your hand, to work it, once it seems to you well, to apply on the zone to be depilated. Make a band and pull in the opposite direction of the hair. We repeat the operation until we get rid of all unsightly hair. The sugar wax is very well preserved in an airtight pot. Before each use you just have to heat it for a few minutes, taking care not to burn yourself before each use.


It is a well liked treatment for those who have delicate skin.


The beautician will make a small ball in his hand to work, once it seems good, it will apply on the area to be depilated. She will make a band and pull in the opposite direction of the hair.


It all depends on the part to be treated. This can vary from 15 minutes for underarms to one hour for half-legs.


It is the guarantee of a fast, efficient and without burning hair removal. In addition, it avoids subcutaneous hair. All skin types can benefit from this method because it is very soft.


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