Body wrap


At Vénicia, the body wrap is a well-being and beauty break that eliminates toxins and releases tension accumulated. This type of care also stimulates cellular development, moisturizes the skin and improves blood circulation. Under the warming blanket and the thin film covering the coated body, the pores and blood vessels dilate. This facilitates the assimilation of the beneficial properties of the product used for the wrap. In addition, the heat is also beneficial for the body since it promotes relaxation, purifies the skin and facilitates muscle relaxation.


A body wrap takes place in the following way in the majority of the body treatments: We proceed first to a complete exfoliation of the body (from the bust to the feet) and we apply a gel composed of moisturizing cream and essential oils , algae or a mixture of cocoa, depending on the chosen recipe or products used.
The gel is applied all over the body (from the feet to the shoulders), which is then wrapped in plastic wrap and covered with a heating blanket. The heat will promote vasodilatation and massive penetration of healthy components into the body. Products should remain on average between 20 and 30 minutes to fully benefit from the benefits of the treatment.
We will choose the wrapping products according to the type of skin and effects sought during the treatment. Some have real benefits to the body, such as peat mud or seaweed, which are very detoxifying, but others, if we take the example of chocolate, have only relaxing and moisturizing properties, which is not a bad thing for those who would like a care rather well-being.


At Venicia, a wrap lasts about 60 minutes because it is recommended to combine it with a body exfoliation beforehand.


Wraps should not be used in pregnant women, people with thyroid hormone problems, people with high blood pressure, etc.


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