Four hands massage


The four-handed massage is a moment of guaranteed ecstasy: your body, both relaxed and totally relaxed, is no longer modeled by two but by four hands. It is manipulated according to techniques generally chosen by the patient and requires the two massage therapists perfect harmonization of movements. Generally distributed on both sides of the table, the two professionals must perform precise gestures both at the level of the method and at the level of the intensity so that the massage is effective. Indeed, the left part as the right part of the body must be subject to the same rhythm not to unbalance the final result.


In another register, the increased power of manipulation promotes relaxation and relaxation: the soothing effect of massage is increased tenfold and muscle tension dissipates more quickly. Finally, the enveloping movements provide a great feeling of well-being to the client: at once serene and more balanced, he manages to forget his daily worries during the session.


Comfortably lying on a massage table and with heat from the blanket, your two massage therapists will enter into communion to massage the body in synergy and with an enveloping sensation.


Traditional four-hand massage sessions last 75 minutes.


Since the massages performed by two specialists can also be performed for purely relaxing purposes, consider taking the time to rest well before and after the session, in order to make the most of the well-being provided by the various manipulations you have done. the object.


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