Lymphatic drainage


Among the many massage therapy or therapeutic that exist, lymphatic drainage remains a champion in all categories in the treatment of circulatory problems. Manual lymphatic drainage is a medical practice of massaging the limbs to help the lymph circulate properly. This type of massage should be practiced by massage therapists trained in lymphatic drainage.


Lymphatic drainage is known for its anti-inflammatory action in the tissues. It is used in both the medical and aesthetic fields. Lymphatic drainage is indicated for this treatment of lymphedema, regardless of cause: lymphedema of congenital origin, due to infectious disease, trauma, phlebitis, or varicose veins. Lymphatic drainage relieves edema, inflammation, eczema and acne. It also acts on the nervous system (sedative effect), on the muscles (evacuation of lactic acid), on the immune system (stimulation of the body's defenses), and on the intestinal transit (treatment of constipation).


After the session, you usually feel a pleasant feeling of well-being. Its goal is to rid the body of waste and toxins in the tissues, it is not uncommon that we also have frequent urges to urinate.


A lymphatic drainage session lasts 90 minutes.


Lymphatic drainage is contraindicated for tuberculosis, cancer or acute inflammation. It should also not be used for nevi, thrombosis, phlebitis, cardiac edema, hyperthyroidism, asthma and low blood pressure. Better also avoid it on the abdomen during menstruation.


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