Lomi Lomi Massage


It is primarily an oil massage. The practitioner uses hot oil in large quantities. The movements used are very wide and rather fast, recalling the waves, the sea, the back and forth from the water of the Hawaiian Islands. Sometimes Hawaiian music accompanies the session. Lomilomi practitioners mostly use the forearms to massage.


The benefits of the Lomi-Lomi massage are exerted on all those who wish to offer an exotic escapade, a parenthesis of relaxation peculiar to the escape of the spirit. This treatment is a great way to learn to refocus, to find a balance body / mind to finally free oneself from the external annoyances that come to disrupt our internal energy. Ideal against stress, the Lomi-Lomi massage, combined with soothing oils like Tamanu oil (sacred tree in Hawaii), is also recommended to relieve lower back and joint pain, rheumatism, arthritis or muscle inflammation.


The technique of Lomi Lomi alternates between different maneuvers of stretching, kneading and acupressure with the hands, forearms, fingertips and elbows. The massage is done with oil in large quantities, warm or hot, and sometimes with Hawaiian music as background music.


The Lomi Lomi massage contains a lot of gesture and lasts at least 60 minutes.


For the first session, it is recommended to reserve two hours to have time to treat the whole body. The following sessions can last ninety minutes.


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