Dermo-Cosmetic Pelling


Coming from the English word "to peel" which means peeling, the technique of peeling consists of exfoliating the different layers of the skin with the application of a chemical solution with a varied concentration, according to the type of skin and the problem to be treated. The peel helps smooth and improve the texture of the skin of the face and body. At Venicia, we use 2 kinds of acids:

  • Alpha Hydroxy / AHA (glycolic)
  • Beta Hydroxy / BHA (salicylic)
We use one of these 2 solutions depending on the need of the customer. In some cases, the combination of AHA / BHA creates a complete chemical product, making it possible to treat certain skin problems more effectively.


You seek THE CARE Coup d'éclat, the peeling is the one you must receive. Its benefits include the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, reduction of pigment spots, uniformity of complexion, leveling of acne scars, sebum control, better skin hydration, increased skin flexibility, tightening of enlarged pores .


The peeling treatment involves applying the product to the area to be treated after cleaning the skin of the face. The laying of the product takes about 3 to 5 minutes to the first treatment This treatment must be done in cure of 6 to have optimal results. The peeling is done first by cleaning the skin with a mild foaming gel to prepare the skin to receive the necessary products for the peel. Then the application of the product is carried out safely. After rinsing, a mask is applied to calm and soothe, if necessary, redness of the skin. During the treatment, you feel a sensation of warmth and tingling. Temporary redness is visible.


At Vénicia, the peeling treatment is done in a 60-minute session so that you have the time to take care and give the client time to enjoy this moment.


Contraindications: Pregnant or breastfeeding women, solar erythema, taking AHA products or retinol two weeks before the session, taking acne medication (Accutane type) and other skin problems; these treatments should be stopped at least 6 months before the peeling session.


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