Laser hair removal


Diode laser hair removal is an easy, fast and effective way of removing hair that we deem superfluous without affecting the pores and epidermis. As a result of research at Harvard Medical School and New York's Skin and Cancer Research Institute since 1996, today's technological equipment enables safe treatments and permanent results. Virtually every region of our body can benefit from diode laser hair removal, exept the eyebrow regions. Although we are all covered with nearly 15 million hairs, laser treatment is more effective with brown and black hairs. White hairs are not affected by the laser beam. Special attention will be paid to people with blonde or red hair; some of these people will be advised to opt for another depilatory technique (electrolysis), laser treatment only delaying regrowth in cases of very light hair. People who have already started electrolysis treatments and wish to complete their hair removal using a diode laser are also eligible. Several people consult us after having undertaken laser treatments with another type of device, and express their desire to continue with us.


Laser hair removal offers many benefits that are easy to imagine compared to other conventional depilatory techniques. This pioneering technology is more than just a fad, it has quickly established itself in our habits and is the number one option among hair removal methods.


The beautician will disinfect the part to be treated and subsequently apply a gel (conductive) on the area to be treated and subsequently apply the tip of his laser device on the part to be treated. Thereafter, we proceed to clean the gel and voila.


It all depends on the part to be treated. This can vary from 15 minutes for underarms to one hour for half-legs.Approximately 8 sessions are planned for each area to be treated. Obviously this can vary depending on the areas to be treated.


BEFORE:It is recommended to moisturize the area to be treated and also to exfoliate this area.
AFTER:It is important to avoid sun exposure or if necessary, protect yourself with sunscreen.


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