Microdermabrasion is a technique that consists of removing the superficial part of the skin in order to promote better cellular renewal. An important clarification must be made on the terminology since the real method is to eliminate the cells of the epidermis and a part of the superficial dermis, hence its name: micro (small particle) derma (dermis) abrasion (remove).


The main effect of microdermabrasion is to eliminate the superficial layers of the skin to promote a renewal of cells of better quality, thus to treat different skin imperfections. With this technique, it is possible to improve the appearance of scars including those of acne and stretch marks, but also reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots caused by the sun.


The exfoliation is done by corundum jet propulsion on the skin, a fine powder of aluminum oxide that eliminates the different superficial layers. Propulsion of the microcrystals is done in conjunction with the aspiration to avoid the accumulation of corundum on the skin to constantly assess the depth of action of the treatment. The field of action of a treatment depends on three important factors: the number of passages on the zone, the duration and the length of each passage.


A microdermabrasion treatment at Venicia lasts 60 minutes. Three complete passages on the face for optimum results.


The treated surface is more sensitive and delicate after the treatment, so avoid exfoliating or irritating creams (eg vitamin A) the following days. Wash the treated area gently with mild soap. Do not expose treated surfaces to the sun for a few days, and preferably use sunscreen. The presence of side effects is rather exceptional since it is a gentle technique. However, certain cutaneous conditions requiring a more in-depth intervention can cause small superficial crusts. They will fall after a few days, we must especially avoid tearing them off. It is normal and desirable to observe fine desquamation; it is then sufficient to moisturize the skin. Several microdermabrasion sessions (6) are usually necessary, depending on the condition of the skin surface to be treated. The frequency of sessions is usually every 2 weeks and maintenance is recommended every 3 months


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