Photo-Rejuvenation (IPL face)


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the technology used in photorejuvenation, or more commonly known as photofacial. It aims to reduce the pigment and vascular irregularities often attributable to age, sun exposure and other genetic and environmental factors. It is interesting to know, however, that 80% of skin damage is attributable to unprotected sun exposure. The resulting consequences are manifested in the form of pigment spots (brown spots), dilation of the blood vessels (rosacea and rosacea), premature aging and in more serious cases, skin cancers. The principle of intense pulsed light (IPL) is based on the emission of a polychromatic light covering a broad spectrum of 400 to 600 nanometers. Photorejuvenation is not only used for brown spots, but also for treating acne. Indeed, acne-causing bacteria are eliminated by light producing oxygen and thus stimulating the natural mechanism of skin repair.


This non-invasive technology specifically targets melanin (skin pigment) with a wave depth, depending on the skin problem and the area to be treated. Melanin absorbs light, resulting in the destruction of melanocytes and keratinocytes responsible for the skin's staining process.Improved skin texture, enlarged pores, rosacea, lines and wrinkles.


The beautician will clean the face with a mild foaming gel and then apply a gel (conductive) on the face and then with the tip of his device proceed to the care on the face. In closing, the beautician will see to apply a cream of end of care adapted to your type of skin.


UA photo-rejuvenation treatment at Venicia lasts 60 minutes. We always proceed to the care on a complete face to allow the whole of the face to benefit from a rejuvenation of the skin. It is recommended by the experts to proceed in cure of treatments for optimal results; at a rate of 6 to 3 weeks.


After the treatment, it is essential to protect your face with quality sunscreen available in our center. Of course, tanning is prohibited during this course of care.


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